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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

MediaMonkey Gold Beta Serial Key [LATEST]

MediaMonkey Gold

MediaMonkey Gold is a nifty application designed to keep track of your albums and play, burn, tag, and organize music supported by the most popular audio formats. It uses tagging to catalog your music, so you can quickly locate any song.


MediaMonkey Gold is the music manager for serious music collectors and iPod users. It catalogs CDs, AAC, OGG, WMA, FLAC, MP3, and other audio files, including contemporary and classical music, audiobooks, podcasts, etc. MediaMonkey offers multiple tools for looking up and editing tags, and an automated library organizer to organize files on the hard drive. It includes a CD ripper, CD/DVD Burner, and audio converter for saving music, and advanced playlisting for creating music mixes. Its player automatically adjusts volume levels and supports a Party mode that locks the UI for use at public events. It syncs tracks, playlists, and podcasts to portable audio devices such as iPhones, iPods, iPads, MP3 Phones, and other devices, and supports hundreds of scripts, plug-ins and visualizations to extend its functionality further.
  • Create playlists and music mixes quickly and easily to suit any occasion
  • Synchronize with iPods / MP3 players effortlessly and convert tracks on-the-fly
  • Download audio content using the new integrated Podcatcher.
  • Use MediaMonkey for Parties or other public places with Party Mode
  • Organize music and edit tags in your audio library with a powerful, intuitive interface
  • Automatically lookup and tag Album Art and other metadata
  • Manage 50,000+ files in your music collection without bogging down
  • Play MP3s and other audio formats, and never again worry about varying volume
  • Record CDs into OGG, MP3, FLAC and WMA files
  • Convert MP3s, OGG, FLAC and WMA files into other formats with the Audio Converter
  • Create Statistics and other Reports of your music collection as Excel, html, or xml files.
  • Customize MediaMonkey with Skins, visualizations, plug-ins and scripts to make it do what you want it to.
  • Much More …
What’s New in Beta ?
  • This new build includes 11 misc (sync, tagging, dlna, codec, burning) fixes.
  • SSL Connections: We should update to latest OpenSSL libraries
  1. Download To Given Link
  2. Install the program
  3. Use Given Key To Register
  4. That’s it 
Saturday, November 26, 2016

Imagenomic RealGrain 2.0.1 Build 2013u7 For (Mac) Full Crack

If you long for the darkroom age, the soft, warm graininess of the film, or you seek to infuse that fuzzy, retro look or perhaps enhance your digital photos by simulating the greater range and texture of traditional film, then Realgrain is the plugin for you.
Realgrain features versatile methods for simulating the grain patterns, the color and the tonal response of different films and different scan resolutions to convey a truly film-like image effect.


Because Realgrain enables you to automatically adjust the grain size based on the physical image dimensions, it can dynamically render accurate grain patterns for varying image sizes.

Realgrain's controls for grain balance, tonal and color fine-tuning enable you to generate superior output quality and picture vibrancy, and are simple and easy-to-use for a truly intuitive workflow experience.

Plus, Realgrain comes with precision presets for a range of default effect options. You can also capture your own signature workflow through custom presets tailored to your specific requirements and individual photographs.
Friday, November 25, 2016

Imagenomic Noiseware 5.0.3 Build 5033u7 For Mac Full Key

Noiseware is a high-performance noise suppression software tool designed to decrease or eliminate noise from digital photo or scanned images.
Unlike most image processing software techniques that utilize simple methods (such as median filters) to treat digital noise in images, Noiseware features a sophisticated yet fast noise filtering algorithm.

Downloads Mac

Using the adaptive noise profile capability and sharpening function, Noiseware greatly reduces the visible noise while preserving the details in the images.

Download All Adobe CC 2017 Products Crack for Mac

Supported Products
  • All Adobe CC 2017 Products
  • All Adobe CC 2015 Products
  • All Adobe CC Products
  • All Adobe CS Products

  • It does not require AAM (Adobe Application Manager).
  • It does not perform a background license check while the user is saving files/using menus/any other operation in Adobe apps.
  • All possible features will become available in all installed Adobe apps.
  • It does not require Administrator’s right/elevation to run the app and does not require any kind of registration in the operating system.
  • It does not create/modify/update the Abobe application database, so it will not be used by the emulator at all.
  • It does not send statistics to Adobe.
  • It does not create license labels and license cache.
  • It bypasses all regional limitations.
  • It disables all kind of tracking (logging) for all apps.
Thursday, November 24, 2016

Download AKVIS MultiBrush 8.0.1558.10665 Mac

AKVIS MultiBrush is a software for image editing, useful, feature-rich and easy to use, the all-in-one solution for improving portraits, restoring damaged photos, drawing fun details in a photo or creating a painting.


password: 5aum

Improve portraits in easy mode
With a collection of brushes, AKVIS MultiBrush helps artists, photographers and home users improve their portraits, retouch images and remove unwanted objects in digital photos.
Available as a standalone program or as a plug-in for Adobe Photoshop, AKVIS MultiBrush eliminates wrinkles, scars, scratches and improves skin imperfections in portraits in the most natural way. Points, stains and dust are easy to hide and remove.
Correcting and retouching images
The Chameleon Brush solves skin problems and removes dust, dots and scratches without affecting the texture, lightness or colors of the background. This unique brush is similar to Adobe Brush Corrector, offers even more flexibility and customization options.
Artistic Cloning
The Artistic Cloning mode of Chameleon Brush makes the AKVIS MultiBrush truly unique. This innovative mode makes it possible to clone parts of a photo in a really elegant way. Show, adjust and replicate parts to multiply them in the image and create impressive collages with little effort.
Preserves the original image
There are many more tools in AKVIS MultiBrush to retouch and enhance portraits, restore damaged photos, and create artistic collages and compositions. All existing touch-up tools in MultiBrush offer automatic adjustments to preserve the color and tone range of the original image, texture and brightness, brightness and shadows. As a result, the restored part of the image or cloned object is blended into the original background perfectly with a completely natural appearance.
Study of an artist – Painting tools
The program offers a palette of artistic brushes with tools Oil brush, Roller, Marker pen, Chalk bar, Artistic pencil, Artistic spray and Artistic eraser.
With these wonderful tools that mimic the work of real brushes you can decorate a photo or create a new oil painting or with chalk.
Layers and channels
The program allows you to edit a layered image. There are two types of layers: raster layers for standard tools and artistic layers for artistic palette tools. 
Multibrush Deluxe and Business versions allow you to edit an image by its channels.
Compatibility: advanced retouching and proofreading tools for everyone! 
AKVIS MultiBrush makes the advanced correction tool available as a standalone application and as a plugin for Adobe Photoshop and Photoshop Elements, Corel Paint Shop Pro and PhotoImpact, Corel Photo-Paint, and many more supporting Photoshop plugins on Windows platforms and Mac.
OS – Mac 10.8 or Later

Download Tidy Up 4.1.18 Mac [Latest]

Tidy Up! lets you find duplicate files, you can also search for the tag, duration and bit rate of MP3 content and AACs audio files, search iTunes iPod and iPhoto databases, search message information.


Tidy Up is a complete duplicate finder and disk tidiness utility. The only application fully customizable, which allows you to go deeply effectively and have the needed result. The advanced method, the most customized method offered, allows you to search for duplicate files and packages; by the owner application, content, type, creator, extension, time modified, time created, name, label, visibility and date/age. 

You can also search by the tag, duration and bit installments of MP3 and AAC sound files and EXIF metadata*, search the contents of the iPhoto, Aperture, iTunes, databases and Mail mailboxes, and synchronize deletions with iPhoto, Mail and iTunes. 

Tidy Up allows you to search for duplicate folders; by name, date modified, date created, label visibility, empty folders, their contents and more. 

Tidy Up comes with a search mode called Simple Mode*, which includes more than 90 pre-defined smart searches. 

For a customized strategy, you can opt for Strategy Wizard, which based on your choices creates the appropriate criteria with which to search for duplicates and a new “Smart Box” that will contain the items to be removed. 

Tidy Up is fast, it doesn’t index the scanned volumes, so you don’t waste additional precious space. With its multitasking capability, you can do more searches at a time and take advantage of the latest Macintosh computers and operating systems. 

One of the most interesting features of Tidy Up is the capability to separate, for quick and easy organization, found items using custom criteria via “Smart Boxes”. It also includes the possibility to choose, from the items belonging to the supported applications, a specific album , playlist or mailbox. 

Tidy Up offers a full-size preview of the most commonly used files such as: audio, media, text, pdf, graphics, fonts and more… and Quick Look like in the Finder. 

 Tidy Up allows you to trash, move, replace the moved and trashed items with aliases or symbolic links*, burn, assign colored Finder labels and export into html and text files all found items. 

Tidy Up has a security system that assures you will keep at least one file of the duplicate group on your disk, the ability to undo copied and moved items and the ability to restore trashed items as long as the trash is not emptied, even after a restart of the computer

Download iSubtitle 3.0 Mac [Latest]

iSubtitle for Mac is a professional Mac platform on the subtitle editing tool, iSubtitle is the only one by one allowed on your Mac to iPod, iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV, and iTunes or any other Quicktime-based playback software create video with subtitles!



“1” add captions for non-destructive, does not alter the video.
“2” subtitle can use the current interface of a device or application to open or close.
“3” can support multiple languages in the same file.
“4” supported devices include the iPod,iPhone,iPad and Apple TV.
“5” support itunes,QuickTime Player can play QuickTime movies or any other application.
“6” SSA/ASS,SRT subtitles Matroska can automatically convert the imported soft subtitle track.
“7” metadata token for the automatic and manual.
“8” create chapter markers automatically or manually.
“9” recode batch applications.
“10” rapid re-encode the Elgato Turbo.264 and Turbo.264 support.
“11” without leaving the application you can watch full screen movie titles!

iSubtitle 3.0 | Mac | 20 MB
Create soft subtitled movies for iPod, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, iTunes or any AVFoundation/QuickTime based player or app.
The first and only application to take full advantage of Apple’s soft subtitle technology. The subtitle tracks are resolution independent and rendered in real-time as you watch the movie. Subtitles are always displayed at the best quality your device can perform. There are support for multiple languages in the same movie file and you can even switch language on the fly as you watch. If you already have a movie in a format that suits your needs there’s no reason to re-encode it, just add the subtitles and use File->Save and you’re good to go. If, on the other hand, your movie is not suited for your device you can batch re-encode it straight from within the application. You can also tag your file with metadata so it’s easier to find in your growing library of tv-shows and movies. Enjoy!
Main Features
– Add soft, non-destructive subtitles, that won’t change or alter the original movie. 
– Subtitles can be turned on/off using the interface of the device or application. 
– Complete support for multiple languages in the same file. 
– Supported devices are iPod, iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. 
– Supported applications are iTunes, QuickTime Player or any app that can play a AVFoundation/QuickTime Movie. 
– Built-in subtitle online search with automatic download, unarchive and parsing. 
– Supports all major subtitle file formats like SubRip (.srt), SubViewer 1 & 2 (.sub), SubStation Alpha (.ssa/.ass), Spruce (.stl), Scenarist (.scc) and MicroDVD. 
– Matroska subtitles, like ssa/ass and srt, are automatically converted to soft subtitle tracks on import. 
– Sync subtitles in real-time using the time offset stepper. 
– Automatic and manual metadata tagging. 
– Create chapter markers automatically or manually. 
– Batch re-encode movies within the application to support your target device or application. 
– Watch subtitled movies in fullscreen without leaving the application. 
– Works perfect with 10.8 Mountain Lion.
Requirements: OS X 10.6.8 or later

Download 1Password 6.5.2 Multilingual Mac [Latest]

1Password is a password management tool for cross-platform, supporting Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and other mainstream operating system, contains a password manager and browser extensions in two parts. 
1Password after high strength encryption of all data is saved on the local hard disk of your computer, you basically don’t have to worry about your passwords on the Internet were stolen or cracked.

AgileBits 1Password 6.x Multilingual | Mac | 43.88 MB
1Password for Mac – Have you ever forgotten a password? 1Password creates strong, unique passwords for every site, remembers them all for you, and logs you in with a single tap. It’s the best way to stay secure and the fastest way to use the web.
Secure made simple
All your beautiful snowflakes are saved within 1Password, ready to be automatically filled when needed. It’s the simplest way to protect yourself from password reuse, data breaches, and PML (Password Memory Loss).
Add your own password ingredients
Not all password requirements are created equal. The Password Recipe allows you to generate fantastically long passwords customized to your heart’s content. 
Every password a unique snowflake A single click gives you a random, incredibly strong new password you can save for a new account or paste into apps like iTunes and Skype. 

1Password Watchtower

Our new service keeps you informed about your security. Watchtower checks your Logins for known vulnerabilities and tells you which sites need new passwords.
Easy, secure sharing
Create additional vaults and share them securely with your family or team members. Automatic syncing keeps everyone up-to-date.
Multiple vaults
Keep your information organized by creating multiple vaults to separate client work, archive old logins and keep personal information personal.
Security Audit
1Password can show all your items with weak, duplicate, and old passwords so you can decide which ones to fortify and update . Get a quick look at the strength of each Login password on-the-fly, then update them as you see fit. Nothing puts you at bigger risk than re-used passwords. Quickly find duplicate passwords and replace them with strong, unique ones.
Teamwork via iMessage
Need to share that WiFi password? You can share any 1Password item via obfuscated iMessage with people you trust. The recipient simply clicks to add it to their vault.
Vault to Vault
When you are ready you can move your 1Password items from your personal vault to a shared vault. 1Password will then securely share them with your family or team.
OS – Mac 10.10 or Later

Download Cocktail Sierra Edition 10.1.1 Mac [Latest]

Cocktail is a general purpose utility for OS X that lets you clean, repair and optimize your Mac. It is a powerful digital toolset that helps hundreds of thousands of Mac users around the world get the most out of their computers every day.


* Automatically check SMART disk health status
* Enable or disable logging
* Repair disk permissions
* Reset permissions on the home directory and access control lists
* Set the sleep drive (spindown)
* Enable or disable the Sudden Motion Sensor
* Run the periodic maintenance scripts
* Cleaning inactive memory and optimize the use of virtual memory
* Enable or disable virtual memory swapping
* Management Spotlight indexing
* Erase codes Spotlight
* Change Time Machine preferences
* Rebuild Launch Services database
* Change the startup mode, or set the start-up delay
* The strength of the empty basket
* Mute start
* Disable Notification Center
* Clear the cache system
* Clear cache user
* Clear cache fonts
* Clear virtual memory pagefile
* Clear temporary files
* Clear Internet cache
* Clear Cookies, download lists, form values and history files
* Clear cache Adobe Flash Player and cookies
* Search corrupted file settings
* Delete unnecessary localization
* Clean and manage (view, print and save) the log files
* Clear the DNS cache
* Delete files invisible DS Store
* Delete locked or inaccessible items
* Changing the speed, duplex , and MTU network cards
* It is easy to optimize the network settings for common types of connection
* Change the IP configuration settings
* Configure built (File Sharing) OS X file server
* Customize the appearance and the possibility of Finder, Dock, a login window, and other system services
* Change hidden settings Safari, Mail, Itunes, and QuickTime X
* Setting the default file save location in the allowed application ICloud
Requires: Mac 10.12 or Later

Download Intaglio 3.9.4 Mac [Latest]

Intaglio is a full featured, easy to use vector* graphics editor for Mac OS X. Introduced in 2003 and refined continuously, Intaglio is a mature, reliable tool taking full advantage of the powerful graphics built into the Mac to bring you high-end capabilities at an affordable price. Inspired by the ease of use of the original MacDraw and the power of expensive illustration software, Intaglio is comfortable for experienced users, and beginners pick it up quickly. Intaglio is a great tool for graphic design and illustration, architectural and technical drawing, web design and more. 


 Advanced graphics capabilities 
• Professional quality pen tool, easy to use curve/polygon tool and many specific path creation tools. 
 • Scale drawings, measurement and dimension tools. 
 • Sophisticated text manipulation. 
 • Multiple colorspaces, transparency, gradients, patterns, and 3D style textures. 
 • Dozens of resolution independent special effects via CoreImage and other filters which can be chained together. 
 • Compound paths and path combination operations. 
• Customizable arrow styles. Use one of many predefined styles or create your own. 
 • Calligraphy style stroke brushes. 
 • Layers, groups, user defined styles and object blending. 
 • Automatic and manual guides, grids and rulers. 
 • User defined drag and drop graphics library. 

Powerful import and export features 
• Export and import PDF and EPS files. Imported graphics may be used as is or, in many cases, converted to editable graphics. 
 • Export SVG and import most SVG files for editing. 
• Bridges the gap between “classic” QuickDraw graphics and Quartz by importing vector PICT files. Imported pictures may be used as is or converted to editable Quartz graphics. 
• Supports the import and export of over a dozen bitmap image formats via ImageIO (e.g., TIFF, JPEG and PNG). Recognizes new formats as they’re added to Mac OS X. 
• Reads old drawings from ClarisDraw and MacDraw II/Pro. 

 Rich support for Mac OS X technologies 
• Calibrates colors via multiple ColorSync profiles (RGB, CMYK or Gray). 
 • Exploits the full capabilities of your fonts. 
 • All graphics operations are scriptable and recordable via AppleScript and Automator. 
 • Provides access to virtually every function of the Quartz 2D graphics environment. 
 • Allows metadata in drawings which, together with drawing text, can be indexed with Spotlight. 
• Supports the viewing of native drawing files via QuickLook. 

Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese

Compatibility: OS X 10.8 or later, 64-bit processor
Monday, November 21, 2016

Download Hides 3.0.1 For Mac

Hides 3.0.1 Mac
Boost your productivity with Hides! Effortlessly clear your desktop in one quick keystroke to quickly hide sensitive information


Enable Single App Mode, to focus on the task at hand. 
Single App Mode will hide all other open applications automatically, so you can focus on your work. Once enabled, Single App Mode will work like so:
whenever you click on an app’s dock icon (or window), all other apps will instantly be hidden from view. Allowing you a distraction free, and ultimately more productive workspace.
Hides can quickly hide ALL open Applications, giving you a fresh, and clear work space.
You can easily configure Hides with Global Hotkeys, allowing you to effortlessly clear your desktop from all of your currently running apps, in one quick keystroke – or quickly enable Single App Mode for a distraction free work environment.
Single App Mode (only one app is active on screen at a time)
Hide all open Apps
both options can be enabled via the menubar, or from a user defined key combination.
Version 3.0.1
Yosemite+ only
UI refresh
fixed issue with system password windows constantly losing focus in Single App Mode
Compatibility: OS X 10.8 or later, 64-bit pro
Friday, November 11, 2016

Adobe Muse CC V2017.0.0149 Mac OS Full Crack

A powerful, user-oriented and versatile application that enables you to quickly and effortlessly design and publish HTML websites. Adobe Muse is a well-designed and intuitive-Mac OSX application that aims to help graphic designers create outstanding websites without having to write any code.

Helps you create stunning websites with ease
With Adobe Muse's help you can easily create mobile versions of your website for desktop, tablet and mobile phones, add touch-enabled functionality such as slideshows by using drag-and-drop widgets. For example, you can setup icons to bring up maps, open email or dial a number.

Download & Links

Moreover, Adobe Muse allows you to enable site owners to make minor updates to their live website from within a web browser, regardless of the host provider. When all changes are applied you can sync them with your original Adobe Muse files.
Customizable workspace and interface layout
The customizable user interface allows you to choose between different shades of grey in order to focus on your work, instead of the interface. On top of that, you can organize your workspace by docking, un-docking and reorganizing panels.
You also have the option to create different layouts and work in multiple design view windows in order to view the mobile and desktop version of your site at the same time. Thanks to the Adobe Muse starter files, that include widgets, design elements such as menus and buttons, you can jumpstart any project.
Prepare your websites for HiDPI displays
Furthermore, the HiDPI support enables you to optimize your webpages for Retina displays and make your interface elements, menus, icons, panels and content look shapers when viewed on a HiDPI display.
You also have the option to link the website to social media, videos and map sites by simply dragging and dropping the Facebook "Like" or Twitter "Follow" buttons, Vimeo or YouTube videos, as well as Google maps into your layouts.
Additionally, Adobe Muse is capable to generate a search engine-optimized sitemap every time you export or upload a website. Hence, all published webpages can be found by popular search engines regardless of the host service provides.
What's new in Adobe Muse CC 2017
Adobe Animate CC integration:
Drag and drop your Animate composition right into your Adobe Muse projects as a graphic from your CC library.
Creative Cloud Assets improvements:
Archive and restore all your assets stored in Creative Cloud, including the ones in your Creative Cloud Libraries, assets created with CC desktop products, and mobile projects.
Introducing Typekit Marketplace:
Buy fonts from some of the industry's biggest names and use them in your Adobe Muse projects. Typekit uses its font sync and web technologies to deliver your Marketplace fonts anywhere you need them.
Power Zoom:
Save time looking for content on your website by using the hand tool to zoom in, pan, and scroll on a specific section.
And so much more:
Also includes: Responsive design performance improvements, retention of breakpoints in library items, and more.
Compatibility:-Mac OSX 10.9 or later
Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Download Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate v5.6.1 Multilangual-Mac OSX Full Crack

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate for Mac The Most Powerful Video Converter Ever. Use this complete all-in-one video toolbox to convert, edit, enhance, download, burn, organize, capture, and play any videos on your Mac.Quickest Universal Solution for Digital Video Entertainment
With one click, download a video ultra-fast! And take advantage of the universal media player, built-in video editor, integrated DVD burner, and much more.

Download & Links

Unmatched Conversion Speed
Powered by the exclusive and industry-leading APEXTRANS™ technology, Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate converts videos up to 30X times faster than any other converters, without any loss of quality. You'll be amazed when you see it in action!
A Full Range of Compatibility
159 formats supported and counting! New formats are constantly added making the Video Converter Ultimate the most user friendly video converter on the market. Enjoy the latest addition to the VCU in the new 4K video format! With 4K, enjoy the absolute best and finest picture quality today!
Enjoy High Fidelity HEVC/H.265 Video
High Efficiency Video Codec (HEVC) is the successor to the H.264 compression standard and offers twice the compression while still maintaining the same high quality. This means you can store your UHD on your devices at half the normal file size!
Wireless Video Transfer Without USB
Having problems getting the converted or downloaded videos on to your mobile devices? Try doing it in a faster and easier way with Video Converter Ultimate's wireless transfer! Simply scan and send, and the converted or downloaded videos will magically be transferred on to your Apple and Android devices without any USB cables!
Media Enhancement Video Editor
Elevate your video entertainment experience to the next level! The built-in video editor comes with a set of powerful, easy-to-use editing tools. You can transform your videos into a masterpiece with just a few clicks.
Trim, Merge, Crop, Rotate, Watermark, Subtitle, Change Aspect Ratio, Volume, Brightness, Saturation, Contrast, Deinterlacing, Grayscale, 10 Special Effects And More!
An Extraordinary DVD Experience Anywhere
Convert your DVDs for personal use to any video format that suits your portable device. Or, vice versa, burn your favorite homemade videos into personalized DVDs and enjoy them on the big screen!
One-Click Online Video Downloader
Download online videos directly from YouTube and other popular sites in just one click. Save them on your computer or convert them for playback on any portable device. One click to download and convert videos automatically. What's more, you can download YouTube subtitles and directly get the audio from YouTube videos. And also YouTube playlists are only one-click away.
It's the most complete codec library with native codec for iMovie, Final Cut Pro and much more.
Convert a standard 2D video to 3D! Now you can enjoy cinema-like 3D video entertainment at home.
Whats New:
Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version
System Requirements:Mac OS X 10.6 and later
Language: Multilangual